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Restorative School Culture for School Leaders

Restorative School Culture for School Leaders


Restorative School Culture for School Leaders

Audience: School Leaders – Primary and Post Primary


This webinar is aimed at school leaders and those interested in leading a restorative culture:
An overview of an operational restorative culture where our beliefs and values are in line with our actions;
Ways to grow empathy and community - moving from blame to a focus on harm;
An explicit comparison of punishment to accountability;
An introduction to the restorative enquiry to illustrate the mechanics of this approach, highlighting the transferability and benefits of such skills/mindset (highlighting leadership as modelling)
·An outline of how to grow a school committed to RP in policy and practice and how to avoid the mis-implementation model.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Knowledge and understanding of the use of RP in Schools,
2. Implementation of RP in schools – an Overview. understanding of the Whole School Approach for Well-Being accenting the area of Culture & Relationships in well-being promotion
3. Knowledge and understanding of restorative language as a tool for building relationships

Facilitated by:  Michelle Stowe

Michelle is an educator at heart and the Founder of Connect RP. In her role as the Founder and Director of Connect RP, Michelle supports schools in growing a restorative culture that puts people and relationships at the heart of a learning community.

The intention of Connect RP is to facilitate, nurture and empower those seeking to grow relationships through empathy and connection, embodying and modelling the restorative philosophy and its everyday relational practices. This practice honours the understanding that we are all profoundly relational, interconnected and inherently good. Her work involves co-creating implementation pathways that move beyond a ‘train and hope’ model and instead grow sustainable and robust relational cultures that serve all stakeholders and distribute leadership. This model is supported by the UBUNTU Learning Platform, which offers a complete range of self-paced and directed resources, CPD sessions, courses, and support to act as a consistent reservoir to serve the whole school community. Check out to find out more. Further demonstrating her commitment to education, Michelle has created a learning module on Restorative Practice for the Professional Masters in Education (PME) programme at Maynooth University, inviting champions from her Connect RP schools to co-facilitate this alongside her.

She is an active member of the European Forum for Restorative Justice working group for schools and is highly regarded in this field and regularly serves as a speaker at international RP conferences such as RJ World (2021 & 2022 - international), The National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (USA – 2021) and Restorative Practices International (Australia - 2022).


Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 15-01-2024 7:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 15-01-2024 8:00 pm
Capacity 300
Fee Free
Select Hours 1
Location Online Course
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