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QQI Level 6 Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics and Diploma in Life and Leadership Coaching

QQI Level 6 Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics and Diploma in Life and Leadership Coaching

QQI Level 6 Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics and Diploma in Life and Leadership Coaching


A unique part time training programme designed for School Principals, Deputy Principals, Assistant Principals, Aspiring School Leaders and Teachers

The programme is endorsed by Oide, certified by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC)

Dates: 23 Evenings (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday) 6.30pm to 9.15pm, October 2024 to May 2025 and 3 Saturdays, 9.30am - 4.30pm

Programme Delivery: The programme will be delivered through Live Virtual (Zoom) Learning Sessions

Engage live with programme facilitators and peers just as you would in a face-to-face learning environment

Places Available: 21

Programme Fee: €2175 - (€375 due with Registration Form by May 10, 2024 and €900 due on June 24, 2024 and January 24, 2025)

Application Forms available on link below. Please complete and submit your Application Form as soon as possible.  Closing date for completed Application Forms is April 30.

For more information contact Noel Brosnan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 086 8063792


Leadership Coaching Programme Schedule 2024/25

Module 1: Leadership coaching in schools – Coaching Principles and Ethics
Module 2: Developing the School Leader Coaching Mindset and Skills
Module 3: Applying the coaching skills and professional reflective practice
Module 4: Coaching Models of Practice for the School Context
Module 5: Coaching and the ISM Team

Coaching is becoming increasingly important in organisations across many sectors. Whether you are seeking to introduce a coaching culture to your school or striving to unlock the potential of your staff, this programme will equip you with the effective coaching techniques and skills to succeed. You will enjoy a powerful and practical learning experience.

In our world of increased demands and expectations of school leadership roles we often experience pressure, leading to:         

  • Overwhelm
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

It’s amazing how quickly these responses become the norm and we just accept this as a way of life. 

We are offering a practical, skills based programme to equip you with some of the key skills necessary for effective leadership in your school environment and to support and resource your CPD in a real, practical and relevant way.

The Leadership Coaching programme content and skills respond in a relevant and practical way to the guidelines prescribed in the four domains of the Quality Framework for Leadership and Management from the Department of Education and Skills (2016) publication, Looking at our School. 


Learning Objectives

On this Coaching Skills Programme you will:

  • Discover new ideas in learning and behavioural change based on recent neuroscience research, indicating the value of coaching for leaders.
  • Examine cases and situations where coaching would be most useful in your school
  • Determine how to blend managing with coaching for the most beneficial results.
  • Develop your self awareness, presence, and resourcefulness as a school leader coach
  • Achieve a high level of self regulation, empathy and compassion
  • Learn models of coaching most useful for developing people’s thinking as well as solving problems and facilitating change and development
  • Practice using coaching in a variety of leadership situations e.g. with staff, parents and students
  • Engage in constructive conversations
  • Listen with intent and communicate more effectively
  • Use powerful questions to influence thinking
  • Make requests and acknowledge achievements and best practice
  • Delegate with ease and confidence
  • Design action plans
  • Establish agreements and commitments
  • Monitor and facilitate progress through validation, support, encouragement and sharing constructive feedback
  • Manage your emotional state to respond effectively to everyday challenges and uncertainty
  • Explore the concepts of ethical and professional practice as a leader coach and appreciate the importance of reflective practice
  • Build confidence and appreciation of your own leadership coaching style through repeated practise and constructive feedback from our learning facilitators and fellow participants.
  • Become more resilience and agile in your school leadership role


Training and Learning Methodologies

The course is interactive, combining a balance between coaching theory and practice. Participants will be encouraged to learn by doing and to continuously reflect on new learning experiences. Continuous reflective practice will enable coaching perspectives and skills to be firmly embedded in the school environment.

The programme facilitates experiential learning, giving participants opportunities to practice new skills and discuss how to integrate the skills into the scenarios they regularly face in the school environment.

A wide and varied range of blended training / learning methodologies will be used, e.g. live online coaching demonstrations, discussion groups, peer coaching practice sessions, observed coaching sessions with constructive feedback and online learning and e-Learning.

We firmly believe that one of the most important dimensions of the coach training process is the continuous personal and professional development and transformation of the course participant. Therefore, we encourage and support participants to:

  • Become more self aware and Practice non-attachment
  • Make more conscious choices daily
  • Develop a positive mental attitude about self, others, life and work
  • Live with ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Be more centred, resilient, flexible and agile


Assessment Procedures

  1. Peer coaching practice
  2. Coaching skills practice in the school environment
  3. Reflective essays
  4. Coaching Skills Demonstraion
  5. Reflective Journal

Some Testimonials from Programme Participants


Taking part in the Leadership Coaching Skills Programme has been extremely beneficial and transformative for me – both professionally and personally. The skills developed have given me confidence in my abilities, enabled me to identify my strengths and empowered me to strive towards my goals. The course has also challenged me to examine decisions made as well as my interpersonal skills. I have learned techniques to manage and navigate challenging situations, empower, develop and challenge others and forge and maintain relationships. Since beginning this course, I have renewed energy, focus and enthusiasm in my leadership role.


- Mary Hayes, Primary School Principal


Wonderfully facilitated over Zoom by Noel and Elizabeth, a safe virtual learning space was created with a surprise element of convenience as Zoom negated the need to travel which allowed us to blend the course into our lockdown lives.

Continual encouragement to bring our learning to life in the workplace motivated keen interest throughout. Practical and skill focussed in essence with content which sparked vitalising awakenings... this the most engaging and personally fulfilling course I have had the pleasure of being part of to date.


- Sinéad Keenan Primary School AP1


Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 01-10-2024
Course End Date / Time 30-05-2025
Capacity 21
Fee €2175
Select Hours 1
Location Online Course