Something Fishy

Something Fishy is an exciting national programme for primary school children, aimed at increasing awareness of rivers in the local area.  This programme accesses the SESE curriculum; providing lesson plans and resources relating to river wildlife, water pollution and water quality, the environment and fishing. All schools have access to this wonderful online programme at www.somethingfishy.ie

This programme is offered by Co. Wexford Education Centre in association with Inland Fisheries Ireland. This programme is extremely popular. Throughout the year your pupils are asked to let us know how they are enjoying their participation in the Something Fishy Project by posting photographs, poetry, art work, videos etc, on the new Something Fishy upload facility.

Later in the school year, the pupils will participate in a supervised fieldtrip to your local river where they will learn about water quality, fish, the environment and angling. Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) officers will conduct different experiments, judging the overall health of the river. While encouraging safety and awareness they will demonstrate the importance of conservation and promote the anti- pollution and anti-litter message. They will show samples of fish life in the river by ‘electric fishing’ and they will promote angling, as a hobby and encourage fish, as a healthy food source.

Co. Wexford Education Centre would like to thank Micheal Kennedy, our Something Fishy co-ordinator for all his hard work and for making this project such a success in the South East.  

Calling all schools interested in taking part in the Something Fishy Project 2019

Following the nationwide success of “Something Fishy” in schools last year, Co. Wexford Education Centre is inviting schools to participate again in this year’s programme, which is aimed at 5th and 6th classes in Primary school.

Check out www.somethingfishy.ie

There are eight lessons on the web site that support the SESE programme. Teacher support material and information are available on the site as well as the interactive lessons for children. AND THEY ARE ALL FREE!

Throughout the year your pupils are asked to let us know how they are enjoying their participation in the Something Fishy programme by posting photographs, poetry, art work, videos etc. etc. on the new Something Fishy upload facility.

If you would like your school to participate in the Something Fishy Programme, during this school year, please complete the application form and return it to Co. Wexford Education Centre by Friday 27th September 2019. Thank you. Enjoy taking part in this wonderful project!

Some of the fanastic work been done by our schools 

Here are some of our aboriginal fish, created using cotton buds. Pointillism in action….. Coolgreany NS

Bradán Poem by Niamh Murphy Caim NS


Bradán started off as an egg

She was under a pile of gravel,

All the food was there so there was no need to beg.

When she hatched, she had her first paddle.

She turned from egg into fry

And from fry to parr.

When she gets skills and learns to hide,

She is maturing fast like we are.

Now at 12- 16 centimetres.

Bradán was told all about algae and silage juice

She wanted the human to put themselves to use

Now some rivers have fences, to protect them

From menaces.

Known animals such as the cow, the sheep and even the hen

And now some rivers are safe,

From animals hooves.

Can we save the fish race,

So protect rivers and be cool dudes!


  Sabine, created a beautiful project on different types of fish. Well done Sabine!SN Mhuire Lourdes Tullow


  Gallery 2019 



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