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  • A free and fun-filled, interactive way to engage your entire class with STEM skills (we can’t emphasise the fun part enough!), as well as a massive confidence-builder for every child in the class.
  • Measured improvement in maths and science, as well as oral and literacy skills.
  • ESB Science Blast TV is a brilliant STEM learning experience, bound to inspire your class with amazing ideas.
  • Join our online teacher community hub where resources, ideas and tips can be shared peer-to-peer.
  • We have ready-made  lesson plans and worksheets to help you guide your class through the steps of their investigation. You can also browse through past examples for ideas and inspiration.


Carrying out an ESB Science Blast investigation is the perfect way to engage your entire class in the exciting world of STEM – it is also a brilliant way to cover the curriculum, (maths, reading, writing, art, etc.) while also developing essential life skills such as collaboration and communication.

We have a number of supports to help you on your journey:

 Past Examples –  You could start by browsing through some past examples for ideas and inspiration to help you along the way.

 Investigation Framework – Follow our ‘how to’ Investigation Framework below to help guide your class investigation.

 Use our lesson plans – We have new lesson plans and worksheets to help you guide your class through the steps of their investigation

Watch ESB Science Blast TV – ESB Science Blast TV will entertain curious minds, while also inspiring them with amazing STEM found in our every day lives


The core aim of ESB Science Blast is to engage your class in an open-ended scientific investigation into any question that interests them. We would like your class to generate their own unique question. The idea source of that question is from the children themselves.

To help you on this quest, ESB Science Blast has developed a series of Lesson Plans that can act as a template and guide you through the steps of generating and managing original science investigations in the classroom.

The lesson plans are based on the 6 steps of our INVESTIGATIVE FRAMEWORK and are supported by a number of worksheets and a PowerPoint presentation.

You can also browse through past examples for ideas and inspiration.

ESB Science Blast TV is available to watch NOW. ESB Science Blast TV will not only entertain but also inspire the curious minds in every classroom with amazing science, super-sized experiments, special guests and more!


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