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GeoMentor ArcGIS Online for Schools

Free GIS for your School

ArcGIS for Schools provides totally free access to Esri’s Online Digital Mapping Platform (ArcGIS Online), for every primary and post primary school in Ireland and Northern Ireland. ArcGIS Online is a complete, cloud-based mapping platform that makes teaching with GIS easy. There is no install, you just need a browser to get started as ArcGIS Online works on PC’s, Mac’s and mobile devices.

The platform allows students to collect, analyse and visualise data on a wide range of topics. As well as teaching the skills and techniques required for working with GIS, the application enables new ways to study climate change, design cities and towns, explore demographics, understand history, predict future scenarios and perform many other cross-disciplinary activities.

Interactive project-based experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) supports STEM learning for students in course work, further education and life. It helps students to develop skills in key spatial analysis and critical thinking at a grassroots level by embedding technology & digital learning tools in the classroom.

We believe that over time, the ArcGIS for Schools Program will help our future decision makers to understand and solve some of the world’s most difficult problems while gaining an insight into the world of technology.

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Story Map

Explore our Story Map below to see what’s included in the free ArcGIS Online for Schools programme.

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ArcGIS for Schools Bundle

All primary and post-primary schools in Ireland and Northern Ireland have free access to ArcGIS for Schools. Learn more about some of the tools available in the ArcGIS for Schools program.

ArcGIS Online

Build maps, conduct spatial analyses, explore online content – from anywhere on any device.

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Create responsive and interactive forms to use in the field and in the classroom.

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Story Maps

Search for, create, and use beautiful Story Maps to tell your story.

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Knowledgeable GIS professionals who volunteer as GeoMentors will help teachers to apply ArcGIS Online in the classroom to meet the criteria of the new geography curriculum and beyond.

Esri and the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) are pleased to announce the 2020 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The competition is now open click here to find out more



Local Schools ARCGIS Spotlight

Take a look at some of the exciting maps, apps and projects that students have created using ArcGIS for Schools.

click here for website link

Young Animator of the Year


YAOTY 2024


Are YOU, or is someone you know, the next Young Animator of the Year?


 Animation Dingle’s Young Animator of The Year, (YOATY) runs annually with the support of our friends in Disney+

Are YOU, or is someone you know, the next Young Animator of the Year?

Each year, secondary school students from all over the island of Ireland are invited to submit their short animated films to the national YOATY Awards.

Keep your eyes on our social media for updates and announcements. The YAOTY winner will be presented with their award at the opening of our Animation Dingle Festival on Friday 22nd March, 2024 by Orion Ross, VP International Animation, Disney Branded Television! The winner and parents will be offered 1 nights’ accommodation in the Dingle Skellig Hotel.

Set in magical Dingle, Animation Dingle is a festival that was created for students and has been molded by them over the years. We want to draw attention to the talented young people in Ireland and give them a spotlight in which to showcase their skills. Listed as ‘One of the top Not-To-Be-Missed events in the World’ by Animation Magazine, Animation Dingle is attended by all the major animation colleges and studios within Ireland, along with delegates from Disney and many more animation studios.

THEME: Ephemeral Footprints: A Sustainable Legacy

Our theme asks you to explore the transient nature of our existence with a focus on leaving behind a positive impact – we ask you to ask, ‘how can you create a lasting and eco-friendly legacy during your time on earth?’  How do your actions connect with the environment?  How can you inspire viewers to consider their impact? What does conscious choice-making mean?  How can you celebrate the fact that your time on earth may be relatively short, but can be enormously impactful? How can you celebrate the art of living a wonderful life in alignment with the planet?

Submissions for 2024 Now Open!


  • 4th, 5th and 6th year secondary school students in the Republic of Ireland
  • Yr11, Yr12 and 6th Form secondary school students in Northern Ireland
  • Students must be attending school in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, or can be an Irish or a Northern Irish student studying abroad.


  • An animated film no longer than 1 minute (including opening titles and end credits)
  • Possible techniques include (but are not limited to)
    • Hand-drawn
    • Stop-motion
    • Computer generated animation
    • Coding
    • Cut-out
    • Claymation

COST: Free!

THEME: Ephemeral Footprints: A Sustainable Legacy

WHERE: Submit your film on our FilmFreeway page

Please include the following details with your submission:

  • Your name, email address and contact number
  • Your school name and class
  • 2-3 lines on what your film is about

WHEN? Deadline for entries is March 8th 2024

**Please be aware any submissions that are longer than 1 minute and/or do not follow the theme will be disqualified.*

Irish Categories of student awards include:

Best Irish Student Animation Award
Best Design/Art Direction
Best Writer
Best Music/Sound Design
Best Animation
Best 3D/CGI
Best 2D
Best Cinematography

International and Irish Categories of student awards include: 

Best International Student Animation Award
Best Director
Best Stop-motion
Best Sting Award



Best Irish Student sponsored by RTÉjr: The Small Makings of a Storm by Avery Angle, IADT

The Small Makings of a Storm went on to win an incredible 4 awards on the night!

The film also won the Best 2D Award sponsored by Toon Boom; the Best Art Direction/Design Award sponsored by Jam Media and the Best Music/Sound Design Award sponsored by Egg Post Productions.

Judges were so impressed with this beautiful animation and had this to say about the film.

“Majestic and epic wonderful colour palette – Perfectly complete film. Could watch all day ” Suzanne Kelly RTÉjr

“The style of music employed in the animation was aptly suited to the enchanting world depicted. Through the interplay of music and sound design, a captivating and immersive environment was created, characterised by a rich texture that effectively complemented the visuals. Overall, the soundscape served to fill the auditory space, resulting in a seamless fusion of sound and image”. Mark Gordon, Score Music Draw.

“Beautiful design, confident bold art direction, powerful atmospheric piece” Mark Cumberton, Jam Media

“Gorgeous. The style is a bit like Hokusai meets the Lion King.” Eimear O’Mahony RTÉjr

There were Honourable Mentions for His Dancing Shoes in Best Music/Sound Design, Small Hours in Best 2D and in Best Art Direction/Design.

Best International Student sponsored by CBBC: Friendly Fire by Tom Koryto Blumen of Bazalel Academy of Art and Design

Sarah Muller of the BBC said Friendly Fire was “Unique and exceptional”

There was also a special mention in this category given to the incredible Close your Eyes by Manon Bérardengo, Audrey Defonte, Léo Depoix, Denis Koessler, Clémentine Laurent, Pierre Guislain, Chloé Boursier from Pôle 3D, France.

Taking home 2 awards was the impressive stop motion film His Dancing Shoes by Domhnall Cotter from IADT

Best Animation Award sponsored by MILKSHAKE! Best Writer Award sponsored by Animation Ireland and National Talent Academy for Animation.

“Beautifully emotive and a sensitive exploration of the grieving process. So much story has been successfully conveyed using minimal body movement but with detailed focus on the stories our eyes tell. Stunning”. Kyle Jenkins, Milkshake

“A beautiful and captivating story, as well as heartbreaking. Nicely transitions between the present and the past. A lovely well told story of a lost love.” Deirdre Barry, NTAA

Best Stop Motion Award sponsored by Aardman Animations went to Stay by Yu Sun, London College of Communications.

“Loved the powerful emotions at play here, where the narrative and themes were held together perfectly by the technical approach. Wonderful.” Mark Simon Hewis, Aardman Academy


The Best 3D/CGI Award went to Synchrony, directed by Julia Le Bras-Juarez, Emmie Marriere, Marianne Fourmanoit, Laura Techer, Louise-Marie Rousselie, Jean Delamarre, Alexis Prost from Supinfocom Rubika 

The award is sponsored by Boulder Media and Paul O’ Flanangan had this to say about the film

“Intriguing story. Lovely character animation and acting. Great design and render. Beautifully storyboarded.”

Special mention was given for The Most Boring Granny in The World by Damaris Zielke

The Best Director Award sponsored by Triggerfish went to Small Hours by Marta Sniezek & Christian Spurling from IATD

“Beautiful, sensitive animation.“ Stuart Forrest, Triggerfish

Best Irish Professional Short sponsored by the IDA: Colour! by Britt Bailey

“The concept of the film may seem simple, but it is so relevant and actual. The sharpness of the treatment highlights situations and emotions lived and experienced by the minorities. As part of minority people in a western country, I can only be highly concerned by the topic and deeply touched by the message. The graphism is sober but leaves room for poetry and emotions. 

Messages are true and sincere. One of them resonates deeply inside me: Never reject what we are and where we are from.” Denis Do (Funan)

AND the recipient of Animation Dingle’s Best Irish Professional Short Award is also eligible for consideration in the Animation Short Film category of the Academy Awards®   

An Honourable Mention went to Regular Rabbit By Eoin Duffy

We are honoured to mention that Animation Dingle is now a qualifying Student Academy Awards® festival. This means that Student Films selected into our competition and nominated for an award are eligible for consideration to be nominated in the Student Academy Awards® 

Best International Professional Short sponsored by Nickelodeon: Ninety-Five Senses by Jerusha Hess & Jared Hess, USA

“This is a wonderful film and the different animation styles take you on a visual journey that is a treat to watch. It is a smart monologue taking you through the senses of seeing, smelling, hearing, taste and touch and how these are woven into a reflective telling of a life before death – it’s a really clever structure and juxtaposition. The story covers so much – comment on the future and screen use, the smell memories evoke, remembering childhood memories, the remorse of causing a death, the materials you feel around you that you don’t necessarily notice, reflection on your life, the wishes you once had, regret and redemption, all create an emotive and thought provoking film that ends with his death. It’s a lovely story and has lightness, sadness, comedy and tragedy in equal measure. It’s lovely to see the journey translated into so many different styles all coming together to make sense as one united film with a great pace.  An excellent film and narrative!” Louise Bucknole, Paramount

Honourable Mention The Smile By Erik Van Schaaik

The Big Pitcher Winner, Fay Antar with her project On Eir. Fay wins a 6 month paid internship with Jam Media and will get to pitch at Cartoon Springboard later this year.

Best Sting sponsored by Monster Entertainment went to Frankenphiast by Matthew Jackson University of Dundee

Honourable mentions for The D.M.C.A Lab by Jack Finnerty MTU and Midnight Fusion by Rían O Loughlin TUS Athlone.

Winner of the inaugural Best Game Sting was VR Trouble by Oísin O Connell, BCFE. This was the first year of the award, presented at Animation Dingle Studio Fair, the game was selected the winner by Nancy Xu Virtual Production Producer, Epic Games, Unreal Engine. “All of the games are excellent, fun to play and addictive. VR Trouble is very complex, visually high quality, and the painting experience was excellent.” 

Young Animator of the Year(YAOTY) sponsored by the Disney Channel, the award went to Earth Nua – A New Utopian Age by Eoghan Micheál Bonner from Gairmscoil MhIc Diarmada.

“Excellent design throughout, and some really excellent classic-style 2D animation.  Graphic and cartoony.  And stylish!”  Orion Ross from Disney

And finally:

Murakami Award 2023 sponsored by Brown Bag Films was presented to Steve Woods.

Irish Animator Steve Woods was honoured with the festival’s greatest accolade, The Murakami Award, sponsored and presented by Cathal Caffney, Managing Director BBF, COO 9 Story Group. The award is in the name of the late Jimmy T. Murakami and Jimmy’s wife, Ethna Muramkai was also present. On the night Tom Moore, Richie Baneham, Alan Shannon and Darragh O’ Connell paid tribute to Steve who gave an emotional and heartfelt acceptance speech.

Animation Dingle is delighted to announce these winners and to announce also that animation is alive and kicking in Ireland with a robust sector awaiting all these creative upcoming animators – the future is bright.

ReelLIFE Science

Business Action on Education

Business action on education

Partnering schools with businesses

Business in the Community Ireland

Our Education Programmes succeed due to the wonderful support of primary and post primary schools around the country. We have a network of matched schools all over Ireland and many have been with their local companies beyond ten year milestones. It is our aim to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Education Programmes are delivered to schools under the name, The Schools’ Business Partnership. We have two primary school initiatives and four post primary programmes. Once a school is matched with a local company, a dedicated BITC programme coordinator works with both parties to ensure an efficient and impactful programme.

Primary Schools - Time to Read

One in ten children in Irish primary schools have serious difficulty with reading and writing – this rises to 30% in some disadvantaged schools. This means that 50,000 Irish children are not reaching their potential.

Our Time to Read programme provides children in second class with reading support from a business volunteer over a 20 week programme.

The programme aims to increase the enjoyment of, and confidence in reading whilst encouraging self-discovery for the participating children. Our programme was piloted in 2010/11 and evaluated by renowned expert Dr. Eithne Kennedy of St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra.

Teachers and participants report significant impacts on the children.  All business volunteers who partake in this programme receive training in advance which provides volunteers with the desired outcomes, programme details, feedback and support elements, best practice information in terms of reading strategies and child protection guidelines.

Each weekly session consists of the business volunteer reading one to one for 30 minutes each with two children. The children, their volunteers and parents have a visit to their local public library.  The business also hosts a workplace visit for the participating children and their teachers.

The business and child impact is measured and a report provided to each participating business at the conclusion of the programme.

Download our most recent Time to Read Evaluation Report

Download our Time to Read infographic

View our Time to Read Overview

Post Primary Schools - World of Work

The World of Work programme provides 2nd year post-primary school students with an opportunity to meet employees from a local company in order to learn about the world of work. It facilitates conversations and insights to the many roles in the workplace and inspires and encourages young minds to look towards the future.

The programme dovetails with the Junior Cycle curriculum and it takes place at a time that suits the business during the school year. It comprises of 5 sessions and there is local flexibility with the content.

Sessions include:

  • Meet & Greet
  • Day in the Life
  • Company site visit
  • Choice of: Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Teamwork Skills
  • Optional Session: Personal Branding, Customer Service, Social Media, etc.
  • Wrap Up

Mock interviews offered to 5th year students as an option.

92% of students enjoyed all parts of the programme while 93% of teachers felt that the programme helped students to think about the world of work and life after school.

Download a copy of the World of Work National Evaluation Report 2020-21

View our World of Work overview

“It was a really positive experience for all involved. As a team of employees, we came together to be a part of something bigger and make an impact of the students’ lives which we hope will help them as they progress through school and into the world of work. It is something we are proud of and each year we can see more people wanting to get involved” – Company volunteer

“It’s a really good experience to get you thinking about your future and feel more prepared to go into the workplace.” – Student

Click here to learn about the World of Work partnership between Coillte and Duiske College, Co. Kilkenny

Management Excellence for Principals

Management Excellence for Principals provides business leaders and principals an opportunity to network. The workshops held over the school year involve business leaders sharing their expertise and experience with educational leaders.

Workshop topics include: Leadership, Time Management, Performance Management, and PR and Marketing. Over 1,300 post-primary principals have participated to date.

Management Excellence for Principals programme is made possible through the generous funding of our strategic partner and sponsor since 2009, Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. Cornmarket share our vision to maximize the interaction between the leaders of the business and education sectors for the mutual benefit of both.

Download a copy of our MEP Overview

We are a nationwide initiative that aims to develop mutually beneficial partnerships between schools and businesses in Ireland which support the Government’s overall strategy on Educational Inclusion.

We operate by matching individual schools that are targeted through the School Completion Programme with a local company.

We are the only business-education programme in Ireland that receives matching Government funds under the National Development Plan.  Our suite of six programmes supports students, principals, teachers, the STEM agenda and children’s literacy & numeracy in primary schools.

To date over 400 partnerships have been established nationally, impacting over  43,000 students nationwide.

Our primary school programme, Time to Read was first piloted in 2010 and has since involved almost 2,000 children

Companies who join the Network for Responsible Business can access our Business Action on Education Programmes.

The benefits to companies are significant:

  • Access to ‘off the shelf’ employee engagement opportunities
  • Opportunity to be a positive influence in a young person’s life
  • Training opportunity for staff when it comes to leadership and mentoring
  • Improved reputation and trust with local communities
  • A clear signal to employees of commitment to a key national issue
  • Measurable impacts and detailed reports

Our ‘Time to Read’ programme provides an employee engagement opportunity for companies to engage in one to one reading sessions with local primary school children. Company volunteers are trained to use a variety of reading strategies to help the child develop their fluency and comprehension and therefore their confidence, in reading.

100% of company volunteers found the programme ‘very enjoyable’ or ‘enjoyable’.

Company volunteer comment: “Time to read was one of the highlights of my year, I loved getting to know the children and seeing them every Tuesday brightened my day!”

Principal comment: The positive attitude and approach towards the children was hugely beneficial.  Having other people sit down and read with the boys made them realise that it’s not just for school with your teacher and that it can be fun to do together with others!  I couldn’t recommend this initiative highly enough!”

Nationally some schools experience a higher than average rate of students leaving before completing their Leaving Certificate. Our aim has been to increase the student retention rates in these schools. By matching companies with these schools we provide numerous opportunities for students to gain insights into some of Ireland’s largest companies, their career opportunities and to help them broaden their horizons. Employees can provide one to one mentoring to students at risk and the impacts on both students and employees is significant.

Since our inception in 2000, Ireland’s retention rate have increased from 80% to 90.4% and Ireland is one of the top EU member states in terms of student retention.

Many companies tell us about their concerns around future talent entering their industry sectors. We work with government, schools and businesses to facilitate the knowledge transfer, insight into industry and career/skills information between Ireland’s top STEM companies and STEM teachers. This means they are informed on the pipeline needs of our economy and can advise students about the STEM options open to them.

Our Management Excellence for Principals & Teachers and STEM Seeing is Believing programmes aim to harvest the knowledge, skills and expertise of Ireland’s visionary business leaders by facilitating them in sharing business approaches to leadership, management and personal development.

Click here for further information 


SEAI One Good Idea


This annual SEAI school competition is open to primary and post-primary schools. Every year students are asked to come up with One Good Idea that will save energy/help tackle climate change/inspire lifestyle changes in the people around them. Students' campaign should show people in your community how your One Good Idea can make a difference to them, their pocket and our planet. Dates to be confirmed. The SEAI One Good Idea has run for the last 13 years but will not be running in 2020/2021. 

One Good Idea video


About One Good Idea 

We all use energy every day at home, in school, and when we travel. Could we use less energy and still meet our needs? Every year we ask primary and post primary students to come up with One Good Idea that will:

  • Save energy
  • Help tackle climate change
  • Inspire lifestyle changes in the people around them

This year we are asking you to make a 1 minute film and launch a creative awareness campaign about it in your community. The film and campaign should show people in your community how your One Good Idea can make a difference to them, their pocket and our planet.

Stage 1 - Campaign Proposal 2nd September - 25th OctoberStage 2 - Regional Finals November - February 2020Stage 3 - National Final 23rd April 2020

Register your team and get working on your proposal.

Shortlisted teams activate their campaign. This involves making their 1 minute film, promoting it in their community and presenting their campaign at the regional finals in February.

Events take place: Cork 24th February, Limerick 25th February, Longford 26th February and Dublin 27th February 2020

The winners of the regional finals compete at the National Final in Dublin.


The SEAI One Good Idea National Final scheduled for 23 April in Dublin has been cancelled. SEAI are currently considering alternative options to conclude the competition with the finalists. Once concluded we will post details about the winners here.

To access the SEAI Website, please click here

Our One Good Idea finalists from 2020 joined us for a virtual final where they showcased their video campaigns. They presented some innovative ideas for saving energy and tackling climate change. Read more about our Winners below.

Primary Winners 2020

Team: The Party Bag Busters
Topic: Climate Action
School: St Clare's Convent National School

Post Primary Winners 2020

Team: The Binjas
Topic: Saving Energy at School
School: Dunmore Community College



Well done to Meanscoil Gharman, Enniscorthy Co. Wexford who won the SEAI One Good Thing Junior Competition in 2018

About the campaign

The Food Fanatics wanted to get people to take action on climate change! The team set up an awareness campaign aimed at educating primary and secondary school students about food miles, our carbon footprint and climate change. The students got very creative with the production of T-shirts showing off their campaign logo in an effort to raise awareness of their One Good Idea.


A quiz took place which was presented to students along with an informative presentation. Meanscoil Gharman have been very supportive of the team’s goal to educate young people about climate change and have shared their work on Instagram. Posters have been made and circulated around the school and a speaker was invited in order to encourage students to think about purchasing locally made products.