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science -technology - Engineering - math (stem)

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Native Irish hawthorn

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A New Approach to STEM Education - The Dream Space Digital Academy



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"Driving Home For Christmas"

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About the Project:
This project is run in partnership with the Institute of Education, DCU, Drumcondra and The Irish American Partnership (IAP). The project was established with the aim to make the benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in primary science more widely available to primary school teachers in schools in Co
Wexford. We know children display a clear eagerness to engage with STEM subjects early on and access to high-quality learning experiences ensures this spark
and curiosity remains. The support of the IAP ensures that teachers get ongoing support and resources to effectively lay the groundwork for critical thinking and
problem-based learning.

Integrating STEM into Renewable Energy Projects:
The project integrated design thinking into STEM lessons to enhance creative problem-solving skills and promote students’ ability to innovate, collaborate and engage in critical thinking. The programme and design challenges are ideal for any classroom and engage students in real-world learning through practical
hands-on activities. The aim of this project is to improve teachers' understanding of STEM concepts and renewable energy technology with increased energy literacy. The project-based learning approach increased students’ STEM content knowledge but also transversal STEM skills such as creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.
When teachers have access to the correct educational tools and engaging classroom activities they can bring energy topics to life for their students while preparing them for the jobs and challenges of the 21st century. Unfortunately, these tools are often expensive and difficult to find and can be perceived as for educators to efficiently integrate into existing curricula. This project provides the opportunity to offer teachers ongoing support and training and also the resources to implement hands-on learning experiences.

Session 1:

Online CPD and introduction to integrated STEM method:
Date: Tuesday, May 10th 2022
Time: 4-5.30 pm
1. St Iberius NS Sarah Meyler
2. Castledockrell NS Deirdre Ryan
3. Rathnure NS Sinead Doyle 
4. Scoil Moling-Glynn Caitríona Kelly 
5. Gorey Central School Lynne Copeland
6. Scoil Naomh Abbain Claire Kickham 
7. Kilmyshall National School Graham Finnerty 
8. Carysfort NS Rebecca Ivanoff 
9. Scoil Íosagáin Coolgreany Lorcan Browne 
10. St. Enda's National School Seamus Dempsey 
11. St John of God Rose-Marie O'Loughlin 
Session 2:
Co-teaching visit:
In-class support for the class teacher
Direct Student Engagement: 313
Number of schools: 10
Number of teachers: 13
School Visits:

Engaging Learners:
The programme workshops and lessons tested a variety of engaging, active, and student-centred teaching methods. Methodologies including experiential, inquiry-based, and small group design thinking approached all proved to be effective. Discussions and conversations among learners were used to help them think
more deeply about concepts, compare perceptions, understand different opinions, and reflect on what they know.

Scientific Thinking:
Learners actively participate in scientific inquiry and STEM workshops, leading to an increased understanding of science and how it impacts our daily lives. Emphasis was placed on energy labs and understanding energy concepts and increased energy literacy. The Renewable Tech Lab allowed teachers and students to creatively explore the science, technology and real-world application of a future powered by renewable energy. We used engineering design skills, investigated practical real-world applications of science, worked collaboratively and had fun at the same time!

Outcomes were measured through observation and feedback (informal) interviews and feedback from teachers, students and course facilitators.
• Renewable energy projects enhanced students' achievement of STEM knowledge and generate
meaningful learning.
• The project-based approach increased students' STEM skills and working scientifically
• Increased understanding of science concepts with real-world application

Next Steps:
Helping teachers integrate Energy Literacy and Renewable Tech across existing curricula:
• Easy access to the content and teaching materials,
• Aligned to curriculum and learning outcomes expected
• sustained support and ongoing CPD

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Figure 1: Hands of investigation into Renewable Energy. A selection of schools across Wexford


outreach 2 pic


Figure 2: Renewable Energy STEM project 



Number of students

Teacher and Class Group

School Details Address/contact number




Deirdre Byrne Deputy Principal

Ms. Leanne Hore

4th/5th class

Rathnure NS Rathnure Enniscorthy Co. Wexford Y21V228




Graham Finnerty 5th/6th Class

Kilmyshall NS Kilmyshall Bunclody Enniscorthy Co. Wexford


9.30 -11




`Denise Davitt 6th class teacher

Donna Hayden 5th class teacher

Ballycanew NS Gorey Wexford




Caroline Delaney

2nd, 3rd and 4th Class

St Iberius NS Davitt Road South Wexford Town Y35N970




Rita Conroy Class 5th Class

St John of God School The Faythe

Wexford. 053 9123105




3rd, 5th,6th class

Gorey Central 3rd Class

Lynne Copeland

Gorey Central School Charlette Row


Co Wexford




Deirdre Ryan

Teaching principal         

Castledockrell NS Ballycarney Enniscorthy

Co. Wexford Y21N968




30                        26

Linda Byrne Class teacher

Claire Kickham

Íosagáin, Gorey,

Co. Wexford. Y25 AN29

5th and 6th class

Adamstown, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. Y21 VY56







Rebecca Ivanoff

3rd Class teacher

5th class teacher Mr. Sean Dunk

AM: Carysfort NS Aíklow Co. Wicklow


Goíey Centíal School


                                                    photo 2023 04 20 19 47 05 1                                                            photo 2023 04 20 19 47 05                                       photo 2023 04 20 19 49 40

stem club maths 1


 These workshops explore a range of resources that can be used to effectively develop active pupil learning in the area of STEM. They are intended to support teachers in facilitating learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in the primary setting. Each webinar shares practical ideas and learning experiences to support teachers in school. The workshops coincide with national STEM weeks such as Maths Week, Science Week, Engineers Week, Code Week & Space Week.

At the end of the 6 workshops participants will have experienced:

  • Hands-on STEM activities using a range of technologies.
  • A clear understanding about the benefits of STEM and its use in education
  • Comprehensive curriculum-linked resources supporting the implementation of STEM within your teaching practice during national STEM weeks.